General characteristics

First registration year
Tire size
385/65 R22.5
Number of tires
Number of axles
Air suspension
Versus sliding roof,can be moved from rear to front, operated from the ground
Aluminum profiel ca. 2.400 mm high, reinforced by two stakes in the center, innenside protected with a steel plate of 650 mm galvanized
Rear doors
Aluminum double doors with each internal rotary rod locks.


King pin height
1.120 mm
Loadfloor height front empty
1.250 mm
Loadfloor height rear empty
1.200 mm
Turning radius front
2.040 mm
Turning radius rear
1.900 mm
Axle distance
1.310 mm
7.620 mm
Loadfloor width
2.550 mm
Suspension stroke
200 mm
Min loadfloor length
13.620 mm
Max loadfloor length
13.620 mm
Min total length
13.620 mm
Max total length
13.675 mm


Loading width rear
2.430 mm
Load space internal height, front
2.750 mm
Load space internal height, rear
2.750 mm
Side loading height below guide rail, rear
2.650 mm
Side loading height below guide rail, front
2.650 mm
Width between side boards
2.480 mm
Internal width between guide rails
2.430 mm
Loadfloor internal length
13.620 mm


Max fifth wheel load
12.000 kg
Max axle bogie
3x 9.000 kg
6.340 kg
39.000 kg
Payload (80 km/h)
32.660 kg


Push-in ladder on right at rear
Axle lift on 1st axle, raised or lowered automatically depending on the weight,forced lowering and speed-restricted moving-off aidbutton operation in the cab and actuation via "3 x brakes" # With a raised 1st axle, the vehicle does not drive in statu
Axle load display via EBS Canbus signal for display in the cab
Plastic toolbox 600 x 415 x 460 mm (W x H x D, exterior) # Internal dimensions: 520x340x450 mm (WxHxD)
4 pairs of lashing rings for lashing ship cargo (ro-ro traffic)
Sealed steel pallet box for 30 Euro pallets, with partition in centre, cover on both sides to open upwards
1 spare wheel bracket for trailer/semitrailer spare wheel, coated black # manufacturer Schoch
Chrome-plated wheel nut protective caps
3 Pair Single wheel plastic mudguard, with spray protection,
Rear aluminium wear-resistant plate 3/5 mm, approx. 300 mm, flush with floor
24x Aluminium pointed slats, 100 mm
PVC curtains, appr. 880 g/m2, with horizontal and vertical reinforcements, load securing certificate code XL. Curtains provide sealing of the lashing holes in the side raves
3 pairs of centre posts, movable across entire length, fastened in pockets
4 rows of slat pockets
Segregation of rows of slat pockets from floor: 1st row from bottom to 450 mm, 2nd row from 600 mm. 3rd row from 1,150 mm, 4th row from 1,700 mm
Aramid-reinforced plastic roof tarpaulin, translucent
Side reflective contour marking strips in white, at bottom along entire lengt and at top on 2 corners, in accordance with ECE 48
Rear reflective contour marking strips in red, full contour marking all around, in accordance with ECE 48
Tarpaulin fastening wit 20 overcentre tensioners with flat hook/belt at each side
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Igmar Nooteboom

Managing director

H.J. Mitchell

Jonmoore International

Great brand, top quality. We have RINO® flatbeds, drop deck and lowbeds in our fleet traveling all over West Africa in some most difficult terrain and still stand up tall today! Igmar and team, keep going strong!

C. Delor

Goudalle - Concept Bois d'Opale

Le service des ateliers de Nooteboom Trading est très efficace et disponible.
Le personnel est accueillant, compétant et de bon conseil.
Nous n’hésiterons pas à refaire appel à eux si nécessaire.

Ron Heikoop

Heikoop Trucking

Recentelijk twee Schwarzmüller coiltrailers aangeschaft bij deze firma.
Zeer goede service en klantvriendelijkheid. Maatwerk is geen probleem.
Mijn volgende trailer zal zeker weer een Schwarzmüller zijn en bij deze firma aangeschaft worden, omdat ook de prijs-kwaliteitsverhouding optimaal is.

M. Grootenboer


Bedankt voor jullie perfecte service.
En op naar de volgende Schwarzmüller oplegger.

Ik snap niet waarom bedrijven kiezen voor de bekende Duitse merken. Als je 1 keer met een Schwarzmüller hebt gewerkt, wil je niet anders meer.

Top opleggers !!


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