General characteristics

ME45-03 ST
First registration year
Tire size
435/50 R19.5
Number of tires
Number of axles
Number of steered axles
Steering system
Self tracking
Air suspension


King pin height
960 & 1.130 mm
Loadfloor height front empty
1060 & 1230 mm
Loadfloor height rear empty
995&1080 mm
Turning radius front
2.040 mm
Turning radius rear
2.300 mm
Axle distance
1310 ; 1410 mm
7.480 mm
Loadfloor width
2.550 mm
4.000 mm
Suspension stroke
260 mm
Min loadfloor length
13.550 mm
Max loadfloor length
17.550 mm
Min total length
13.550 mm
Max total length
17.550 mm


Max fifth wheel load
18.000 kg
Max axle bogie
3x 9.000 kg
8.380 kg
45.000 kg
Payload (80 km/h)
36.620 kg


Country Adaption / Permit
4x Wheelwedges in holder under loadingfloor. (necessary for §70).
Gooseneck Design & Option
1x Headboard 1,8 meter high
Support Legs
1x Swing-down legs; 2 legs rear under.
1x Alignment pins and bushes for extendable vehicle to fit each of the parts more exactly when not extended.
Loading Platform Construction
1x U profile against the rear of loadingsurface
Loading Platform Lashing
20x Lashing holes with welded roundsteel in the side raves
26x TUV fixation eyes 10 ton capacity
3x Crossrows stakepockets suitable for 81x51 mm stakes
1x Strong Ropehooks, underneeth the loading surface, lashed against the cross members, app. every 0,5m
1x 6 Pair twistlocks (2x20/1x40/1x30/1x20 central)
20x Galvanised stakes, from 81.51.5. Length 1150mm (net 1m).
1x The light & air hoses are, from front to rear, protectively mounted in the mainbeam via a power chain. This makes them automatically adapting length when retracting or extending
1x Preparation and storage for retrofit extensible marker lights
1x Support for Light and air connections app 400mm high.
1x Storagerack across underfloor, consisting of an open box with lids left and right, for 2 alloy hook-on ramps stacked of max 2,4m long x 0,60m wide, or usable for a part of the width enlargement beams or stakes
2x Toolbox plastic 1000x500x500 mm
1x Spare wheel support underneed the loading surface
1x EBS for reading axle loads, km's, etc.
1x Smartboard for reading axle loads, km's, etc.
1x Airtanks made out aluminium
4x Extension marker signs with LED markerlights
1x Extension beam equipped with side marker lights
1x Beacon connection (stick) on the extension marker signs
1x beacon connection
Accessoires, Loose
2x Aluminium hook-on ramps, 2400 x 520mm
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Igmar Nooteboom

Managing director

H.J. Mitchell

Jonmoore International

Great brand, top quality. We have RINO® flatbeds, drop deck and lowbeds in our fleet traveling all over West Africa in some most difficult terrain and still stand up tall today! Igmar and team, keep going strong!

C. Delor

Goudalle - Concept Bois d'Opale

Le service des ateliers de Nooteboom Trading est très efficace et disponible.
Le personnel est accueillant, compétant et de bon conseil.
Nous n’hésiterons pas à refaire appel à eux si nécessaire.

Ron Heikoop

Heikoop Trucking

Recentelijk twee Schwarzmüller coiltrailers aangeschaft bij deze firma.
Zeer goede service en klantvriendelijkheid. Maatwerk is geen probleem.
Mijn volgende trailer zal zeker weer een Schwarzmüller zijn en bij deze firma aangeschaft worden, omdat ook de prijs-kwaliteitsverhouding optimaal is.

M. Grootenboer


Bedankt voor jullie perfecte service.
En op naar de volgende Schwarzmüller oplegger.

Ik snap niet waarom bedrijven kiezen voor de bekende Duitse merken. Als je 1 keer met een Schwarzmüller hebt gewerkt, wil je niet anders meer.

Top opleggers !!


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