Our service does not end when your trailer is delivered

Nooteboom Finance

We offer you the opportunity to lease your purchased vehicles through us. Various financial solutions are possible for this purpose. We know your vehicles and your industry. We understand your business better than anyone else. So we can offer you a customized solution.

From single product to multiple vehicles, new or used, we provide a complete solution for your business. With the support of a strong supplier that supports you in good and challenging times. At every step you take.
It’s easy to do business with us. We can switch quickly and offer you a customized solution that you can trust. We know the transport industry like no other and understand your business and the challenges you face daily. Therefore, we can offer you a customized solution.

A financial solution from Nooteboom Finance can be a second source for your financing needs. So you do not have to address your bank facilities at the bank and use it for other purposes.

Financial Lease

A financial lease is a great solution if you want to be the owner of the trailer without using your capital. The trailer is the only collateral that will keep your credit facilities unaffected.
Own your trailer, spread payments and benefit from tax benefits. That’s all about our payment credit. Both the loan and the trailer are on balance. And the most beautiful of it? At the end of the contract you are the owner of the trailer that has completely been paid.

Operational Lease

A rental solution with all options possible. After the contract period, you can return, buy or extend leasing of the trailer. You have fixed low monthly charges without any risk for the residual value. You are outsourcing the risks and administrative work. At the end of the contract period you can buy the trailer or return it.

The advantages:

  • No risk with residual value
  • Conservation of financial space
  • Fixed monthly fees and one monthly invoice
  • All business arranged by one partner at once
  • A vehicle fleet that is up to date at anytime

Rent to buy is also a possibility. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Our stock trailers can be modificated quickly. We have a fully equipped workshop, where only top mechanics can access the trailer. We also have our own paint cabin where the trailer can be painted in the color you desire.

One of our projects

A nice example of the modifications we can execute in house: a single axle city trailer that has been shortened en afterwards is painted in company colors.