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The bigger brother of the city ballast trailers. All 4 axles are steered. Ideally suited for transporting crane counterweight of the most common crane brands

This 4-axle RINO® Ballast Trailer is the bigger brother of our 3-axle City Ballast Trailer. Ballast trailers are designed especially for transporting crane counterweights. They must have a large payload and be manouvrable. They should be able to get as close as possible to a crane on cramped construction sites and they should also be able to easily follow a mobile crane.

Our 4-axle ballast trailer meets these requirements. The chassis is constructed of high-quality steel with 2 main beams but has a low deadweight 10.760 kgs., so it has a high payload of max. 54.240 kgs. within the regulations of the law.

All 4 axles are (counter)steered, which makes the trailer manoeuvrable, the turning circle smaller.

For safe transport of the load, a grand total of 62 stake pockets are installed in the loading floor and side beams (Formschluß). Storage space for the stakes is provided under the loading floor.

The edge beams also feature 26 lashing eyes with 10 tonnes capacity per lashing eye. Against the headboard, at the front, you will find 2 toolboxes as well as the spare wheel.

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Unique features

2 Main beams in the loading floor
62 stake holes suitable for 81x50 stakes,
Steps have been made in several places to access the loading floor
2-piece removable headboard. Can be raised with 9 81x50 stakes to a height of 1.8 mtr.
The entire vehicle is hot zinc sprayed

A selection of the standard accessories

26 TÜV certified lashingeyes at a capacity of 10 tons each in the side raves
2 Toolbox (stainless steel) mounted at front of headboard
Storage for sparewheel, mounted at frontside of headboard
Airtanks made out of aluminium

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Smart options for trailers

Storage spare wheel and 2 toolboxes against headboard

Wheelwedges in holder under loadingfloor

TUV fixation eyes 10 ton capacity in side rave

Steel steps between the wheels, removable, for easy access to loadingsurface

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