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The RINO® Extendable Mega Machine Trailer, one of the lightest Mega’s in the market. Can be extended by 4 m or 7 m. Coupling height 950 mm or 1150 mm.

The RINO®   Extendable Mega Machine Trailer falls into one of the lightest categories of extendable mega trailers. Extendable to your choice with either 4 mtrs or 7 mtrs. king pin hights adaptable to your choice to 950 mm or 1150 mm.

The specification of this very complete trailer has been carefully compiled and is based on our many years of experience in the special vehicles market.

Igmar Nooteboom introduced the Mega Machine Trailer already 13 years ago, with foresight, when there was still very little demand for it. Over the years, we have added those options that contribute to giving you a RINO® Mega machine trailer as a vehicle that enables you to achieve an optimum load factor. Across Europe, in most cases ensuring a return load in advance.

Whatever type of load you have, “Your load suits our solution”.

Whatever long load you need to transport, concrete or steel, excavators or other heavy equipment, for our 3-axle extendable RINO® Mega trailer it is easy. With a low deadweight and a maximum extended length of 17.5 mtr. it is ideally suited for transporting large machines. Formschluß is possible thanks to rows of stake holders placed transversely on the loading floor and also in the side beams.

Below we list the various extras that this RINO® trailer includes as standard.

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Unique features

Ability to drive with standard lowliner trucks, King pin hights 960 mm and 1130 mm
Extendable with either 4 or 7 meters
Lightweight chassis welded from high-grade steel
Gooseneck 100 mm. thickness with max. fifth wheel load 18 tons
The entire vehicle is hot zinc sprayed

Standard Accessories

Twistlocks for containers; 2x20 f & 1x40 ft & 1x30 ft & 1x20 ft central
Airtanks made out of aluminium
3 Transverse rows of galvanized stake holes (suitable for 81x51 stakes)
Removalble headboard
U-profile at rear for aluminium ramps

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Standard options

Bolted Crossrows stakepockets suitable for 81x51 mm stakes, Many possibilities for securing and locking loads.

Storage for stakes sized 1150 mm and also 1600 mm

Storage for width boards & aluminium ramps

Complete control of the trailer in 1 place, just behind the support legs, on the driver's side

Can be used for

Construction sector
Construction sector
Forklift transport
Forklift transport
Agricultural / Farming
Agricultural / Farming

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