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RINO® Trailers

From 2009, Nooteboom Trading from Zeewolde – the Netherlands started engineering and manufacturing its own trailers under the name RINO® Trailers.

With the RINO symbolizing our company and the brand’s quality: strong and stable. RINO® Trailers consists of RINO® Europe for the European market on the one hand, and RINO® Overseas for transporting heavy loads and awkward road conditions as in the regions such as Africa or the Middle East, on the other.

In our programme we have (extendable) mega trailers and city trailers, ballast trailers and a semi-machine trailer for transport under the hood.

Nooteboom Trading also has a large stock of used trailers for special transport: from low-loaders, semi low-loaders, (extendable) flatbed trailers, to module trailers with various attachments or self-propelled vehicles (so-called SPMT) for the really heavy loads.

Would you like to know more about our possibilities? We would be happy to advise you on a suitable solution for your transport challenge. Feel free to contact us.

The Process

Our specialty is providing advisory services in the field of transportation. We engage in conversations with our customers to understand their needs and requirements for a trailer. We offer either a readily available vehicle from our stock or we design and produce a new trailer. Nooteboom Trading always provides a suitable solution.


What is your transportation demand? What do you need a trailer for? Is it for use within or outside of Europe?

Trailer type

What should be the load capacity? What are the dimensions and weight of the loads?


Are there any specific requirements that the trailer must meet? Such as the number of axles, tires, point load, and steering system.