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11 October 2023

Quite an operation, 18-axle flatcombi modules on it’s way to a new homebase

Over the past couple of days we have been busy doing our utmost to make yet another customer happy. Only recently did our customer visit our yard with the intent on buying an 18-axle Scheuerle flatcombi modular vehicle. Within the week after that they made the final decision and as of last week on Thursday several truck and trailer combinations lined up to collect all 18 axles plus a Greiner bed to bring it all back to it’s new homebase.

This was quite an operation, manoeuvring in the trucks and trailer into our workshop, loading all modules on board the trailers indoors which actually was a breeze thanks to our two overhead cranes and rolling them out again.

We appreciate the trust place in us by our customer and we hope that this new equipment can help them expand their business and we wish them many safe kilometres.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Nooteboom Trading answers frequently asked questions around topics such as transport, service, repairs, delivery times and warranty periods. For other questions, please contact us.

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Yes. On request, we can unburden our customers.  Should the trailer go outside the EU, we can rig up all the documents to get permission from customs for shipping. Should a customer within the EU be unable to pick up the trailer? Then we will arrange for the trailer to be brought to the customer at a small additional cost.

We can also organise shipping of the trailer by sea via RoRo. We can arrange for the trailer to be put at the terminal at the port nearest to you, where you can collect it after receiving the required Bill of Lading. We will provide you with a quote in advance.

At Nooteboom Trading, we rent out our trailers to companies and organizations all over Europe. Our rental period is from one day to long-term rental. Together with our customer, we make the right agreements on this, but the rental possibilities are endless.

Since 2020, Nooteboom Trading has had an ultra-modern workshop and a fully-equipped paint shop in which we can customise trailers up to 50 metres long in any RAL colour our customer desires.

We usually have our RINO® trailers in stock in a basic colour. Within a period of one week, we are able to repaint them on the visible sides in the company colours. This way, a RINO® perfectly matches your company colours.

Yes, if it concerns a trailer that we have delivered or modified, you can always come to us for repairs by appointment.

In principle, there is no warranty on used trailers. Our RINO® trailers are of exceptionally high quality, which is why we offer a one-and-a-half-year (18-month) warranty as an exception in the market.  If necessary, we will of course always help our customers.