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Semi Low Bed & Low Loader trailers for sale

The semi low-loader is a semi-trailer used to transport (in)divisible loads. They are particularly suitable for heavy transport in the construction and industrial sectors. A major advantage of the semi low bed trailer is its exceptional manoeuvrability, which makes it multi-functional. Are you looking to buy and/or rent a new or used semi low-loader? Then you have come to the right place at Nooteboom Trading. We supply semi low-loaders and semi low bed trailers with various axle combinations.

The right semi low loader trailer for every transport requirement

With our wide range of semi low-loaders for sale we can offer the right semi low-loader for any transport requirement. From transporting concrete elements, windmill components and steel structures to the transport of excavators and road construction machinery. The semi low-loader can be delivered in various combinations.  At Nooteboom Trading we will always meet the requirements for your semi low bed trailer transport because your wishes always come first.

Quality, warranty and service a priority

All our used semi low-loaders meet the highest quality standards.  Due to our many years of experience and extensive know-how we are best placed to support you within Europe and beyond. Nooteboom Trading organises the transport of the semi low bed and low loader for you from A to Z. We deliver what we promise regarding service and warranty.