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Modular & SPMT

Buying a modular trailer or a SPMT 


Modular trailers can be supplied as low-loaders or platform vehicle. Each module is linkable and can be supplied as either a semi-trailer or a drawbar trailer.

Modular axle sets consist of 3, 4, 5 or 6 axle sets or as 3+5 or 4+6 with a low bed that can be used as a lowbed trailer for transporting cranes and heavy structures. The latter 3+5 or 4+6 axle sets can also be linked together to form even an 8-axle or 10-axle module semi low-loader.


Self-Propelled Modular Transporters usually consist of modules with 4, or 6 axle lines. The modules can be linked side-by-side and/or head-to-tail to form large “platforms” on wheels. All those modules linked together are controlled by a PPU (Powerpack) by remote control.

SPMTs are mainly used for on-site transport over limited distances. The loading floor is hydraulically adjustable in height and the wheels of the modules can be turned 360º. As a result, an SPMT can carry almost any heavy load. The SPMT trailer Nooteboom Trading has for you offers thé  solution for exceptional transports

We are happy to think along with you

 It involves transporting high, heavy, wide or long loads that cannot be carried out within legal frameworks. Specialized work and they are transports that are often accompanied and may only take place at certain time-slots. Exceptional transport can include transporting concrete beams, machinery and machine parts, parts of wind turbines, etc.

Thanks to our years of experience and extensive knowledge of the market, we know better than anyone else what this entails. At Nooteboom Trading, we like to think along with you and look for the best solution together.

Would you like to know more about our possibilities? Are you looking for a SPMT trailer or a new modular trailer? Then contact us without any further obligation.

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150 Tons Eurocombi/Intercombi Scheuerle Waverbed | Loading floor 10 m (5 + 5 m)
First registration year Unused
Loadfloor length 10.000 mm - 0 mm
Loadfloor height 480 mm
Payload (80 km/h) 103.200 kg
Intercombi Scheuerle universal gooseneck
First registration year 2000
Payload (80 km/h) 21.900 kg
Scheuerle Intercombi module | 4 Lines | Payload 50,7 - 122,7 ton
First registration year 2008
Loadfloor length 6.000 mm - 6.000 mm
Payload (80 km/h) 50.700 kg
200 Tons Scheuerle flatbedcombination | Suitable for transport Trafo's/Nacelles | 16,7 m (0,6 + 8,25 + 5,5 + 1,75 + 0,6 m) | For Scheuerle Intercombi / Eurocombi
First registration year 1997
Loadfloor length 5.500 mm - 15.500 mm
Payload (80 km/h) 168.740 kg
80 tons  Cable Drum /Nacelle | Vesselbed suitable for Scheuerle module Euro/Intercombi
First registration year 2009
Loadfloor length 4.700 mm - 10.280 mm
Loadfloor height 370 mm
Payload (80 km/h) -17.000 kg
Eurocombi modulair Scheurle | 3+6 pendulum lines | Detachable gooseneck | With 8,30 m floor + 80 tons floor adapter set | Payload 111,6 t/m 179,3 ton
First registration year 2004
Loadfloor length 8.385 mm - 8.385 mm
Loadfloor height 1.260 mm
Payload (80 km/h) 119.900 kg
Eurocombi modulair Scheurle | 3+5 Pendulum lines | Detachable gooseneck | With 8,38 m floor + 80 tons floor adapter set | Payload 101,8 t/m 162,9 ton
First registration year 2005
Loadfloor length 8.385 mm - 8.385 mm
Loadfloor height 1.260 mm
Payload (80 km/h) 110.100 kg
SPMT Scheuerle modifyed to generation 3 | 36 Ton per axle line| 863 Hours | 4 Axle unit | max Payload 127,5 ton
First registration year 2000
Loadfloor length 5.600 mm - 5.600 mm
SPMT Scheuerle modifyed to generation 3 | 36 Ton per axle line| 892 Hours | 4 Axle unit | Max payload 127,5 ton
First registration year 2000
Loadfloor length 5.600 mm - 5.600 mm
Eurocombi Scheuerle + Tower adapter set, capacity 95 tons | Gooseneck | 3+5 (2+3) Axles lines | Load capacity max 98,3 - 156,6 tons
First registration year 2002 / 2006
Loadfloor length 12.000 mm - 35.000 mm
Loadfloor height 1.260 mm
Payload (80 km/h) 98.350 kg
Multifunctional 120 Tons Greiner Module - Waverbed | Suitable for transport Trafo's/Nacelles | 12,5 m (6 + 3 + 2 + 1,5 m) | For Scheuerle Intercombi / Eurocombi
First registration year 2000
Loadfloor length 6.000 mm - 21.500 mm
Payload (80 km/h) 100.600 kg


Load capacity


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Frequently Asked Questions

Nooteboom Trading answers frequently asked questions around topics such as transport, service, repairs, delivery times and warranty periods. For other questions, please contact us.

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Yes. On request, we can unburden our customers.  Should the trailer go outside the EU, we can rig up all the documents to get permission from customs for shipping. Should a customer within the EU be unable to pick up the trailer? Then we will arrange for the trailer to be brought to the customer at a small additional cost.

We can also organise shipping of the trailer by sea via RoRo. We can arrange for the trailer to be put at the terminal at the port nearest to you, where you can collect it after receiving the required Bill of Lading. We will provide you with a quote in advance.

At Nooteboom Trading, we rent out our trailers to companies and organizations all over Europe. Our rental period is from one day to long-term rental. Together with our customer, we make the right agreements on this, but the rental possibilities are endless.

Since 2020, Nooteboom Trading has had an ultra-modern workshop and a fully-equipped paint shop in which we can customise trailers up to 50 metres long in any RAL colour our customer desires.

We usually have our RINO® trailers in stock in a basic colour. Within a period of one week, we are able to repaint them on the visible sides in the company colours. This way, a RINO® perfectly matches your company colours.

Yes, if it concerns a trailer that we have delivered or modified, you can always come to us for repairs by appointment.

In principle, there is no warranty on used trailers. Our RINO® trailers are of exceptionally high quality, which is why we offer a one-and-a-half-year (18-month) warranty as an exception in the market.  If necessary, we will of course always help our customers.