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Mega trailer for sale

The mega trailer is a trailer that is mainly used to transport bulky loads. Thanks to the multifunctionality of the extendible mega machine trailer you, the transport operator, can realise the best possible capacity utilisation without exceeding the maximum permissible loading weight. Would you like to buy a new or used top-quality mega trailer? Have a look at the wide range of vehicles at Nooteboom Trading.

The many possibilities of a mega trailer

The mega trailer we offer for sale is ideal for transports in the steel and construction industries, the events sector or for air freight transport. Due to the unique, extendible features of the mega trailer and its low dead weight it can be used not only as a low, flat extendible semi-trailer for the transport of long, divisible loads but also as a semi low-loader for the transport of heavy, self-propelled machinery.

Opt for quality, choose Nooteboom Trading

Opt for a top-quality mega trailer, choose a mega machine trailer of RINO®trailers, Nooteboom Trading’s own brand. Are you looking for a perfect solution for the transport of bulky loads? Get in touch with us, without any obligation. Due to our experience over many years and thorough knowledge of the market we are well-placed to give you appropriate and personal advice. Together we can find the best solution.