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Lowbed & Low Loader trailers for sale

Are you looking for a new or used low-loader for special transport? Then you have come to the right place at Nooteboom Trading. We have a top-of-the-range selection of lowbed and low loader trailers for sale to provide a solution for everyone. Depending on the transport and weight involved, the number of axles and optimal load floor of the low-loader can be determined. In general the load capacity will increase along with the number of axles. We supply low-loaders with various axle combinations: beam axles or pendle axles.

A low-loader for any kind of transport

The low-loader has hydraulically steered axles or axle lines. The load floor between the gooseneck and axle assembly is low: around 300mm. This makes them ideal for abnormal transport such as carrying bulky loads, cranes, tracked vehicles, yachts and special transport such as machine components.  For each application and each kind of transport you can buy the right lowbed trailer from us. Together we will find the best system.

We deliver new and used lowbed trailers

Nooteboom Trading delivers new as well as used low-loaders.  Both the new and used low-loaders meet all the quality requirements.  We deliver more than just lowbed trailers. Due to our experience over many years and thorough knowledge of the market we are well-placed to offer advice with the sale of a low-loader. With us the customer always comes first and we consider warranty and service to be of paramount importance.

Would you like to know more about what we can offer? Or are you looking for a specific low loader trailer? Please contact us, without any obligation.