Container chassis / sideloader

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Container chassis for sale

Most of the transport across the world takes place by sea: on large ships carrying a huge number of containers. Since the standardisation of sea containers in 1966 the efficiency of container transport has increased enormously. When the containers come ashore they have to be taken to the right destination. This is done with a container trailer. These universal container trailers can carry several containers. At Nooteboom Trading we offer a container chassis for sale. We can advise you about the best container chassis for your specific requirements.

New and used container trailers

We offer new and used container chassis for sale. We have a wide range of vehicles that meet all quality standards and are reliable. Due to many years of experience and thorough knowledge of the market we can provide you with a container chassis and also give you personal advice. As our customer you and your wishes always come first.

Want to know more about what we can offer? Or are you looking for a specific container chassis? Contact us, without any obligation.