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Ballast trailer

A ballast trailer, also known as a short steered flatbed trailer, is specially designed for the transport of crane ballast and other heavy concentrated loads. For instance, heavy mobile cranes often use a ballast trailer to carry extra ballast during the transport. At Nooteboom Trading we have various options for ballast transport.

Many possibilities with this short steered flatbed trailer

At Nooteboom Trading we have a wide and diverse range of ballast trailers. Various options with regard to load capacity and the number of axles. The chassis of the ballast trailer is extra strong to cope with the extremely high load capacity and without increasing the dead weight cross members are fitted at short distances to deal with the highly concentrated load.

The steering that is fitted in this type of trailer is a tried and tested technique but with a modern twist so that we have an accelerator in the kingpin module at the front, reducing the maintenance costs and down-time. The steering is a robust mechanical cable counter steering system.

Top quality ballast transport to buy

Superior quality and reliability are central to the new as well as the used ballast trailer that you can buy from us. Because we always have various types and versions of trailers in stock, we are able to help you without delay. Want to know more about the options? Contact us, without any obligation.