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Nooteboom Trading, centrally based in the Netherlands in Zeewolde, is specialized in providing transportation solutions around the world.

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If you’re facing a transportation challenge and need a suitable solution, look no further than Nooteboom Trading. We offer a diverse selection of new and used trailers such as low loaders, semi low loaders, (extendable) flat trailers, mega trailers, module trailers and SPMTs for sale and we have various types of trailers for short or long term rental. Whatever your transportation needs, we have the perfect solution.  At Nooteboom Trading, we have been focusing on unburdening the customer for years. Our motto “Your load suits our solution” reflects that focus. This involves loads from 15 to 150 tonnes by road.

RINO® 3 Axle City Ballast tailer | 1st & 3rd Axle steered | Loadfloor length 10 m | Ideally suited for transporting crane ballast | High point load | Payload 40 ton
First registration year new
Loadfloor length 10.000 mm - 10.000 mm
Loadfloor height 1.380 & 1.480 mm
Payload (80 km/h) 40.260 kg
2Bed4 pendulum axle lowbed with Vesselbed | Detachable gooseneck | Extendable 11 – 18 mtr | Hydraulic width till 4.300 mm | Payload 53,9 – 60,8 t.
First registration year 2011
Loadfloor length 8.705 mm - 19.705 mm
Extendable 4.000 mm
Payload (80 km/h) 53.900 kg
Manoovr | 6 Pendle axlelines | Hydraulic gooseneck | Loading height 920 mm | Total stroke 500 mm | Extentable till 19,58 m | Payload 79,6 - 82,6 tons
First registration year 2019
Loadfloor length 11.140 mm - 19.580 mm
Extendable 8.840 mm
Payload (80 km/h) 79.600 kg
RINO® | 4-Axle trailer for construction- and earth-moving machinery | Spring actuated ramps | Total length 10,66 m | Payload 31,4 Ton
First registration year New
Loadfloor length 6.850 mm - 8.580 mm
Loadfloor height 1.060 mm
Payload (80 km/h) 31.400 kg
Nooteboom TELE-px SUPER WING CARRIER | 3 Pendle axles | Walking beam (so called Banana) | Sliding bogie (4,84 m max.) | Extendable till 59,65 m | Payload 32,2 ton
First registration year 2012
Loadfloor length 20.050 mm - 59.365 mm
Extendable 13.315 + 13.000 + 13.000 mm
Payload (80 km/h) 32.250 kg
We are specialists in every transport solution

Nooteboom Trading

We are specialists in every transport solution

Whatever your logistics challenge: Nooteboom Trading specialises in every transport solution. We have years of experience when it comes to delivering (export) across the world.

Nooteboom Trading has the know how to support you both within and outside Europe. We can also arrange the necessary paperwork for you. We are always transparent and open in what you can and may expect as a customer. In addition to selling and renting trailers, we also have a fully equipped workshop where every trailer is carefully inspected and, where necessary, refurbished. We also have our own spray booth where a trailer can be painted in company colours. This sets us apart from other suppliers in various ways.

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What our customers say about us. Are you curious what our customers think of Nooteboom Trading? How they like our working methods and service and whether they are satisfied with the trailer they bought or rented? These customers give their honest opinion.


Nooteboom Trading’s workshop service is very efficient and available. The staff are friendly, competent and give good advice. We would not hesitate to call on them again if necessary.

C. Delor Goudalle - Concept Bois d'Opale

Great brand, top quality. We have RINO® flatbeds, drop deck and lowbeds in our fleet traveling all over West Africa in some most difficult terrain and still stand up tall today! Igmar and team, keep going strong!

H.J. Mitchell Jonmoore International


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Frequently Asked Questions

Nooteboom Trading answers frequently asked questions around topics such as transport, service, repairs, delivery times and warranty periods. For other questions, please contact us.

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Yes. On request, we can unburden our customers.  Should the trailer go outside the EU, we can rig up all the documents to get permission from customs for shipping. Should a customer within the EU be unable to pick up the trailer? Then we will arrange for the trailer to be brought to the customer at a small additional cost.

We can also organise shipping of the trailer by sea via RoRo. We can arrange for the trailer to be put at the terminal at the port nearest to you, where you can collect it after receiving the required Bill of Lading. We will provide you with a quote in advance.

At Nooteboom Trading, we rent out our trailers to companies and organizations all over Europe. Our rental period is from one day to long-term rental. Together with our customer, we make the right agreements on this, but the rental possibilities are endless.

Since 2020, Nooteboom Trading has had an ultra-modern workshop and a fully-equipped paint shop in which we can customise trailers up to 50 metres long in any RAL colour our customer desires.

We usually have our RINO® trailers in stock in a basic colour. Within a period of one week, we are able to repaint them on the visible sides in the company colours. This way, a RINO® perfectly matches your company colours.

Yes, if it concerns a trailer that we have delivered or modified, you can always come to us for repairs by appointment.

In principle, there is no warranty on used trailers. Our RINO® trailers are of exceptionally high quality, which is why we offer a one-and-a-half-year (18-month) warranty as an exception in the market.  If necessary, we will of course always help our customers.